We are committed to being leaders in our industry and our country setting an example for excellence in all what we say or do in our products, services, & actions.


We are committed to building a long term relationship with our clients, partners, employees & community in one based on mutual respect, trust and the highest standards.


We are committed to providing our partners and shareholders growth opportunities and profitable returns on their investments.


We are committed to achieving our goals together offering great work environment and professional growth opportunities to our employees.


We are committed to responsible citizenship through active community involvement

And respect for our environment.


Essences are only accomplished throw a clear strategic goal, process efficiency and perseverance to reach and maintain the highest quality standards, in addition to ambition, innovation and teamwork.

These conditions are achieved at Khedma fuel company through the following:

Maintaining performance:

we are able to present unique and unified services at all of the company’s gas stations, in a way that exceeds customers’ expectations.


we operate as per national and international standards to present services to our customers, while we work diligently to achieve excellence in a competitive world.

Commitment to safety standards:

Khedma always eyes limiting the risks of injuries and danger to a minimum, as well as spreading a culture of safety and security to achieve a safe environment.

Leadership and excellence:

We are committed to becoming a symbol of excellence and an example for leadership when it comes to products and services that we present.

Trust and integrity:

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, partners, staff and the society, based on mutual trust and respect in their highest levels.

Progress and performance:

We are committed to providing our partners and shareholders with growth opportunities and increased returns on their investments.


We are committed to achieving our goals, while simultaneously working on presenting huge opportunities for our staff to work and grow.

Corporate social responsibility:

We are committed to social responsibility through positive participation in society and protecting the environment.